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Full-range systems designed to ensure excellent audio playback quality.

Wide range of frequencies covered due to its three-way amplification. Includes two Mylar Dome tweeters for high and mid frequencies, and 4� Mica woofer for defined and powerful bass.

Its design is also characterized by the simple mounting system that provides, adapted to mount on any wall, column and angle in homes, businesses, restaurants, bars and any other places.

Even though its small, it provides high power!


Configurations: 3 Ways
Woofer size: 102mm (4�)
Frequency response: 80Hz-21KHz
Sensibility: 88dB (SPL 1w/1m)
RMS power: 50W
Program power: 100W
Peak power: 200W
Impedance: 8 Ohm
Woofer material: Mica
Weight: 8oz
MF Tweeter size: 50mm (2�)
HF Tweeter size: 25mm (1�)
Tweeter material: Mylar Dome
Box material: ABS
Magnet weight (TW): 2oz
Support: Included
Colors: Black or white
Dimensions (HxWxD): 21x14x12 cm (8.3x5.5x4.8�)

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