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FNK 10

FNK 10

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The FNK 10 gooseneck–mounted is a professional condenser microphone

designed primarily for speech and vocal pickup.

They can be mounted on lecterns, pulpits, conference tables and much more.

Single gooseneck section near microphone base for easy orientation

of the microphone.

XLR connector with phantom power or two double A batteries can bring

power for the red LED ring and the microphone signal.

Streamlined design for seamless integration, the gooseneck´s slender

design is far less obstructive than a traditional microphone setup.

Includes foam windscreen to prevent unwanted noise.


Cardioid polar pattern for easy adaption to any situation

Condenser microphone

Easy to assembly with battery support

On/Off switch

Status LED

Cable included

Strong and stable support

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