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NVK 16M USB with robust and resistant construction, multiple MIC/LINE inputs, 3-bands EQ , AUX/FX sends and s
in all channels, is the best option to use in fixed and mobile live/recording sound systems.

Digital FX Processor with 99 multiple effects and MP3 Player with individual EQ/level control to play all types of files with precision.

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16 Channels and line inputs
For all kinds of live performances and recording sessions.
MP3 player with LCD display and individual EQ
Player compatible with les MP3, WAV and WMA and 2-band EQ individual control to set the sound with precision.
Stereo sub-group output
Sub-mix grouping and sending to external effects, recording system or parallel mix.
Auxiliary sends
2 auxiliary sends pre-fader for monitoring system or external processing.
Insert in all channels
It is usually used for dynamic processors, the signal is bridged with the connector fully inserted sending and receiving the signal simultaneously by the same line.
FX send and return
FX send and return to connect an external effects processor or to an additional monitoring system.

16 Channels with Phantom Power (+48V) and Microphone´s preamplifier
16 Line Inputs
Insert in all channels
3 band equalizer and high pass filter per channel
Graphic stereo equalizer of 7 bands for the Master
Built-in MP3 player with LCD display and individual equalization
Compatible with memories USB and SD
Stereo sub-group output
3 auxiliary sendings of independent monitoring and effects
DSP with 99 internal effects
Faders for a balanced mix
FX send and return
Output to monitor through earphones with PFL function
PFL and Mute functions per channel
Compatible with files MP3, WAV and WMA

Microphone Inputs:  Type XLR balanced
Microphone Input Impedance:  2.6kΩ balanced
Microphone max. Input level:  12dBu Mín. gain  1kHz before clipping
Microphone TRIM gain range: 5dB to 60dB
Line Inputs: Type ¼¨ TRS balanced
Line Input Impedance: 20kΩ balanced
Line max. input level: 30dBu Mín. gain  1kHz before clipping
Line TRIM gain range:  -10dB to 40dB
Signal - Noise Ratio S/N Ratio:  110dB / 112dBA
Distortion THD+N:  0.005% / 0.004% A weighing
Frequency Response:  <10Hz- 90kHz>  0dB/-1dB
EQ per channel:  Low 80 Hz ±15dB, Mid 2.5 kHz ±15dB
EQ per channel:  High 12 kHz ±15dB
High Pass Filter:  100 Hz
EQ Master:  63Hz, 200Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz, 4kHz, 6.3kHz y 16kHz ±12dB
Auxiliary Output:  Type ¼¨ TRS unbalanced
Auxiliary Output Impedance:  120Ω unbalanced
Auxiliary Output max. level:  22dBu
Main Outputs: Type XLR and ¼¨ TRS balanced
Main Output Impedance:  120Ω unbalanced
Main Output max. level:  28dBu balanced / 22dBu unbalanced
Earphones Output:  Type ¼¨ TRS unbalanced
Earphones Output max. level:  19dBu /150Ω
Compatible audio formats:  MP3, WAV, WMA
Converter:  24 bit Sygma-Delta
Power Supply:  90V - 240V – 60/50 Hz

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